Don’t Break the GLASS: 5 Tips to Improve Customer Service

By: Earvin Joed

Most of us have worked once in our lives and although some have moved up and became employers, a great majority still remain employees. I bet that you can agree with me that prior to landing the  dream job  that you have right now, you had thoughts about it ending up a nightmare instead. Whether or not you ended up with a dream or a nightmare, we all went through a job application process and we have our own stories to share about it.

1. Get ahead

Getting ahead is anticipating what your clients need which creates an impression that your company values customer experience. For example, in the healthcare industry, hospitals are putting a premium service to the patient’s experience. Data shows that a positive patient experience determines how patients select their preferred healthcare providers.

One of the ways to engage your customers is to offer unique services in the market. Anticipate how you will scale up your current offer and create a new line of service out of it. Even the most established franchises need to evolve like how a simple brand of burger has evolved into hundreds of brands and variations to stay ahead and keep its customers.

2. Listen

When you receive a product or service feedback, you should carefully listen and examine it. A customer feedback or compliment is a readily available data that will tell you what the customer feels; use it to your advantage! Capitalize on your paying customers and make them as the main troubleshooters on areas of improvement. If patients continually complain about the delayed service (e.g. CT-Scan schedule or a rehab session) then that should alarm you. Alternatively when a client compliments a perfect venti cup of coffee, then it shows that service targets are met and customer experience is positive.

3. Act on the smallest details

Your client may have availed your service or product, but remember that it is the simple thing in the customer experience that will make them decide to buy another one or switch to a different provider. Yes, you might be offering the most competitive life plan in the market, but if you are late in your client appointment, chances are you might have lost one vital customer/policy. When clients check in to their hotel room, they normally see an almost perfect setting where sheets are well ironed, robes folded carefully, and the toiletries are well selected to suit their needs. The labor that you invest into ensuring the perfection of these little details are immensely felt by your customer. Though they do not see how much time and attention you’ve poured to these details, it will still definitely affect customer perception and experience positively.

4. Smile

Never underestimate the power of smile. Customers always favor an environment where providers start the experience with a smile. A simple smile can convey acknowledgment of your client and you can willingly invite and engage him/her to your product. When you plainly offer your product without even smiling, your customers might just turn down your offer and totally turn away from making a purchase. Like Front desk officers, they are trained to smile with a heart just as nurses are encouraged to smile to their patients because it is a perfect experience opener. Remember, a smile is more that an expression, rather it is an attitude and an invitation.

5. See the value

The value you put in your service offerings reflects to the relevance of the service to the lives of your customers. You should be the first person to believe in the service that you are offering. And when you do, your service and your company stays relevant and the business might well thrive for the long period.

Earvin Joed is a Registered Nurse by profession with a 9-year of combined professional experience in the fields of healthcare, pre-hospital acute emergency management, undergraduate education, post-graduate training, curriculum planning and module design, customer service, and project management. He is currently taking his Doctor of Philosophy in Education Major in Educational Management at the Philippine Women’s University. Aside from his professional engagements, Joed also takes traveling seriously. He plans to visit all 81 provinces in the country and has visited 38 of the 81 to date. Joes can be reached through his LinkedIn Account: